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In order to tell you the story of The Lamplighter, we first have to start with the story of an entrepreneur known as Manny. Manny started the business, originally known as Radio Hospital, on the 400 blocks of King St. in Alexandria. He repaired and sold radios and records. During World War II, Manny was needed in the Coast Guard because of his knowledge of radios and his partner operated their business.

After the war, Manny married Lillian and Radio Hospital became a family business. In the late 1960s, Manny transitioned the business from radio and records to lamps, rebranding the business as The Lamplighter. He moved the business to 1207 King St. In the 1970s, the Metro came through Alexandria which increased the number of residents and businesses.  Over time Old Town Alexandria became a popular spot in Northern Virginia for specialty shopping and restaurants.

Today The Lamplighter carries on Manny’s legacy, providing our customers with the best quality in lamp products, lamp repair services & lighting in Alexandria, VA.

The Lamplighter Staff

The Lamplighter Staff
Manny & Lillian Vasilas